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    David Lean Films And Foundation

    Are You A True Movie Lover?

    If you are a true movie fan, there is most certainly a list of movies you should watch. Right now is the best time ever to do it, since we have so much free time. In continuation, we will talk about some of the most famous films from one English director.

    If you want to know more about David Lean Films And Foundation, we suggest watching at least some of the movies. One of the most popular ones is A Passage To India, which is actually an adaptation to the book under the same title. This is a historic drama about the relationship between the British and the natives of India. A British Tourist accuses a local of rape, and the case goes to court. What we can see is the whole battle of India for independence shown through one such instance.

    David Lean Films And Foundation

    The second one worth your attention is The Bridge On The River Kwai. The movie unfolds in a prisoner of war camp in Burma during the second world war. The prisoners are instructed to build a bridge over the river, which is of great importance for the following strategy of the war. The work is delayed, and there is doubt about collaborating with the enemies, so if you are into that kind of plot, definitely check it out. Many films which are a part of David Lean Films And Foundation are historical, which is perfect for all of you who like to learn something as well.

    Though some of these movies may be older for the younger crowd, they are definitely worth your time. They are quality films dealing with important topics, so it is no wonder they have made him famous.