Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Different Styles To Try

If you have decided to do a bathroom renovation, there is a set of ideas to choose from. The first step is to find your style, and look according to it. Although you can always hire professional help. If you are into modern, and urban design, here are a few interesting ideas you might like.

When you first call decorators from Newcastle bathroom renovations you should have at least a vague idea about what you want, because it will be easier to guide them. Something that can characterize modern style is simplicity, and there can be so much beauty in it. Choose geometric shapes and sharp lines. Add big mirrors, and a dark shower to break the monotony a bit. You can make it a bit more soft and elegant by decorating it with candles, and some nice flowers.

Newcastle Bathroom Renovations

If you are into a warmer look, choosing an oval bathtub, and using a fuzzy carpet can give out exactly that vibe. Put up some lamps as well to make the atmosphere even more romantic. To create a sauna experience to go with it, add decorative rocks, and some wooden elements, which would fit perfectly into the whole design. A nice idea that you can suggest when trying out Newcastle bathroom renovations is a screen door to separate your shower area if you want that vintage style.

As you can see, any idea you like, you can turn into reality. With a bit of creativity and inspiration, you can communicate your ideas to an experienced team of designers and get exactly what you wanted.