All About Belgian Malinois

Belgian Protection Dog

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Belgian malinois guard dog is ideal for guarding the house. Whether it is males or females, this dog is made to guard you and your home. He is able to adapt and is very loyal to his family. The females are a little lighter in color, they are a little sweeter, they look like a German Shepherd only the hair is short and the muzzle is a little darker. When you want to train a dog for some training, or to be your guardian, or to listen only to your commands, you have to do it over time.

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog

By the time you practice the commands that will be heard from you, you have to repeat the same ones, in order to remember nicely. He is a middle shepherd dog who is protective and good at working in the police. It is always easier when you take them as puppies because then they grew up with you and us from an early age. That way they are more confident, inclined, know you, and know-how to behave. It is easier to raise a rock than an adult dog. Anyone who loves short-haired dogs, we think they are ideal when you have a large yard. They rest a little, they are always ready for new challenges and they will always want to run and play. They have the strength and will to play and to listen.

The Belgian malinois guard dog is one of the best in the business. When you leave a large yard alone, you know you have a best friend to guard it.